Conservative PPB - January 1979

Denis Healey Confronts Trade Union Leaders - 18 January 1979

Jim Callaghan's 'Crisis, What Crisis' Press Conference

TV Eye interview with James Callaghan - 9 February 1979

Tonight on the No Confidence Vote - 28 March 1979

BBC Parliament: The Night the Government Fell

Mrs Thatcher launches the Tory campaign - 11 April
Conservative PEBs

Mrs Thatcher's election night appearances

Margaret Thatcher's speech at her count in Finchley

Michael Cockerell documentary on Margaret Thatcher's Election campaign (inc interview)

1979 Election Night Programme Trailer for BBC1
BBC Election Night Programme (Six Parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Where there is discord...

Thames News at 6 on London election results

Vernon Bogdanor Lecture on the 1979 election

Steve Richards reflects on the 1979 election

Finchley & Janet Brown spoof

Mike Yarwood Christmas Show 1978 - repeated on election night 1979!