“You’re like a dog returning to its own vomit,” said a friend when I told her I was going to restart my blog. Charming. But yes, after a two year interlude, I am indeed returning to writing my own blog and winding up Dale & Co. Let me explain.

When I announced, back in December 2010, that I was stopping blogging, people seemed to miss the fact that I said I wasn’t ruling out a return to it when the time was right. At the time I had just been taken on by LBC and there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. The blog began to suffer. I’d usually write 5-8 pieces a day, but it wasn’t just about being prolific, I just wasn’t enjoying it. I knew that if I continued by just writing an occasional blog, my readers wouldn’t like it, so I decided the best course of action was to stop altogether.

Six months later I started Dale & Co, a multi-authored site, on which I would write something as and when I felt like it. But in all honesty, Dale & Co never really took off. It only ever seemed to get much traction when I wrote an article myself, and that wasn’t very often. It actually had a lot of talented contributors and several of them took on a loyal following, but I never really enjoyed running the site. So a couple of months ago I decided to shut it down and go back to my individual blog.

Who knows whether I will enjoy blogging again. I know I won’t be as prolific as I was before. I suspect the range of things I will write about will be different. My life is different, with different priorities. I certainly won’t be watching traffic levels as much as I used to, if at all. I’m going to do this my way, in the hope that people will like it.

In terms of commenting, you must log in through your Facebook or Twitter account. I’m not allowing anonymous comments at all. If you haven’t got one, it’ll take you 5 minutes to create one.

You will notice a feature which alerts you to when I am on air on LBC and enables you to listen live, via the blog. We’ll also be having guest posts from one or two of the more popular contributors to Dale & Co.

We’ll be adding a few features over the next few weeks. I am sure you won’t be backward in coming forward in suggesting things you think I ought to add, or write about, or indeed tell me what you don’t like.