I work with some brilliant young people, both at Biteback and LBC. Two of the brightest and most talented at LBC are my Sunday show producer Carl McQueen and reporter Tom Swarbrick. Tom’s about to be assigned to Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast Show, but over the last six months he has produced some brilliantly funny packages for my Sunday show. Our remit on Sundays is to get the big name interviews (today we had Sir David Attenborough and Ofsted’s Sir Michael Wilshaw), reflect the news agenda, but also to have a bit of fun. I like to think the Sunday show has a little of the flavour of the old 5 Live Sunday Service, which I had the honour of occasionally co-presenting alongside Fi Glover and Charlie Whelan when Andrew Pierce was away.

Anyway, today Carl asked Tom Swarbrick to put together an amusing package for our 11.45 slot, and boy did he deliver. He called it “The News That Nearly Was” and it certainly doffs his cap to Chris Morris’s “The Day Today”. It is only 3mins 40 secs long, but prepare to have a smile – he also helps Michael Fabricant to answer his own question: why is a b*** job not called a suck job? Heavy stuff. Listen HERE.

I reckon we should see if he can do this every week, don’t you?

And if that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for more Swarbers (as he is known) here he is on US presidential inauguration oratory

Oh, and we also had Sir David Attenborough on the show today. Click HERE too listen. Forgive the idiotic opening question…