This is what we have lined up for you tomorrow morning between 10am and 1pm on my LBC Sunday Politics Show.

10am Algeria/Mali. Guests include former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen.

11am Adoptions are lower than ever despite attempts to make adoption easier. Guest from Barnardos

1130 Siobhan Benita names her Communicator of the Week and looks ahead to the events of the next seven days

1145 Tom Swarbrick looks at what makes a goo inauguration speech, plus Sharon Manitta from Democrats Abroad looks ahead to Obama’s second term.

1200 Sunday Debate: Who will be the main winners in Tuesday’s Israeli election and what are its implications? Guests include Donald Macintyre, Dermot Kehoe and Richard harrington

1230 Comedian Dominic Holland talks about his new book in which he describes what it’s like when your son’s success eclipses your own. His son Tom is one of the stars of the film IMPOSSIBLE, about the Tsunami.

1245 Richard Harrington MP reveals his secret life!