This is the video of LBC’s seven hour long Referendum Night show. For the first time we filmed and live-streamed the whole thing on our website via Youtube, and also Facebook Live. There are some quite amusing moments when some of us forgot we were on camera. The programme featured myself and Shelagh Fogarty as hosts and our rolling cast of panellists included Alex Salmond, David Davis, Liam Halligan, Brenda Kelly, Lord Robert Hayward, Alex Donoghue (Ladbrokes), Cordelia Hay (Britain Thinks), Chuka Umunna, Suzanne Evans, Paddy Ashdown and our correspondents around the country.

Thanks to our intrepid producers Matt Harris, Rachel Humphrys, Jagruti Dave, Axel Kacoutie and Chris Humphris.

We’ve had some wonderful comments on the show. Indeed, it’s a very rare occasion that you are part of a show that gets no negative comment on Twitter or Facebook whatsoever. We didn’t get everything right, but we took a light approach, didn’t bamboozle people with statistics. We tried to inform and entertain. For me that’s what a public service broadcaster is supposed to do. And I think we showed that politics and nights like this can be entertaining and dramatic.

Even if you can’t watch the whole 7 hours (and very few people will! I do recognise that) have a dip into it and see what you think. And if you like what you see, Shelagh Fogarty is on LBC 1-4 weekday afternoons and I’m on between 4 and 7pm.

PS The first two minutes, leading up to 10pm were prerecorded, so there are no pictures.