So there I was last night, sitting on the sofa in Norfolk watching Germany win yet another penalty shootout and I get a text from Rob Burley asking if I could do the paper review on the Andrew Marr Show this morning. Someone had dropped out at the last minute – someone, shall we say, with an intimate knowledge of Boris. Now I have a rule. If Andrew Marr asks, I say yes. It’s the show to be on on a Sunday morning. It’s got a huge audience and virtually every opinion former worth their salt tunes in. In short, you’re mad to turn it down. However, when I got up at 4.45am and set out on the two and a half hour drive I must admit to wondering what on earth I was doing.

I was on with Phil Collins from The Times and Corbynista, Rachel Shabi. I’m not sure it was one of my better performances, to be honest. I always find it difficult when there are three paper reviewers rather than two because inevitably everyone is competing for time, which doesn’t really happen when there are two of you. I had so much more to say on the Tory leadership contest, but there just wasn’t time. Anyway, see what you think.

Video hattip @liarpoliticians