This wasn’t supposed to be announced until Monday but Radio Today seem to have got hold of it, so I thought I’d share some news with you.

As you know, I’ve been hosting LBC’s Drivetime Show for four years now. LBC is part of Global Radio, which owns several massive music radio stations including Capital, Heart, Smooth, Classic, and Radio X. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at music radio and now the opportunity has presented itself, well, I just couldn’t say no.

From a week on Monday I’ll be taking over the mid-morning show on Radio X, replacing Vernon Kay. Don’t worry, it finishes at 1, so I’ll still have time to prepare for my LBC show!

Global Radio’s Richard Park said, announcing the move: “Iain has been with Global for seven years now and we feel he needs a new challenge. Vernon has left big shoes to fill, but we feel Iain’s eclectic musical tastes will draw the listeners in and they’ll soon get used to his political links between the tunes. I’m sure the handover from Chris Moyles will become appointment to listen radio.”

I might not know my Arctic Monkeys from my elbow, but, given the times we live in, the controller of Radio X, Matt Deverson, has clearly decided it’s about time his audience got a mix of music and current affairs. In fact, it’s a naked attempt to steal listeners from James O’Brien. I mean, who wouldn’t switch to me on Radio X playing the latest from Sparks mixed with a comment on Jeremy Corbyn’s new rather natty tracksuit?

Now, just as Chris Moyles has Dominic Byne, Pippa Taylor and Dave Masterman as his studio crew, I’m in the process of putting my own team together in order to ensure we get the right sound for Radio X. So far I’ve recruited Timmy Mallet, H from Steps and Kay Burley. If that isn’t a winning team, I don’t know what is.

On my first show Matt’s kindly agreed to suspend the Radio X playlist so listeners can get to know my own musical tastes. So in the first hour I’ll be lining up these rather excellent tunes…

Listen to your Heart by Roxette
Forever Young by Alphaville
Just Drive by Alistair Griffin
An Enya megamix
and Miss You Nights by Cliff Richard

In the second hour we’ll be taking calls on Brexit interspersed with sixty years of Eurovision hits.

In the final hour, to ensure the success of my first show, I’m delighted that Theresa May will be joining me for sixty minutes of chat and commentary on the songs of Meat Loaf.

And should there be any listeners left by 1pm, normal service on Radio X will resume with Dan O’Connell.

It’s gonna be epic!

UPDATE: For the record, this was an April Fool. I can’t believe the number of people who tweeted their congratulations. Gullible is the word which springs to mind!