Twelve or so years ago I started doing late night paper reviews on Sky and the BBC News Channel. I gave up doing the BBC ones two years ago, when I started doing my LBC show because the timings didn’t work. Earlier I tweeted that tonight, at 11.30pm, I will be doing my final ever regular paper review on Sky. Some people have asked why. Well, from next week Sky want their paper reviewers to do both the 10.30 and 11.30 slots. I’m afraid it is physically impossible for me to get from Leicester Square (where the LBC studios are) to Osterley for 10.30, so I have no alternative but to stop. I shall miss my weekly jousts and flirtations with Jacqui Smith and Zoe Williams but all good things come to an end. I shall especially miss Anna Botting, Anna Jones and Steve Dixon and the Sky News make-up ladies. They have a very difficult job to do in my case. They usually try what is known as the ‘blow job machine’ on me and before you get any ideas, it’s the machine that sprays makeup on your face. I loathe it and usually insist on powder. Such a delicate little flower, you see. I’ll also miss Kay Burley’s eggs. I’ll leave you pondering that one.

Anyway, do tune in tonight at 11.30pm for my final appearance on a Wednesday night. Tonight, for one night only, my partner will be the effervescent MP for Devizes Claire Perry.