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Minor Party Party Political Broadcasts Video Collection

  • 1 Feb 2019

This is one of ten video collections of party politcal broadcasts since 1951. The full collection includes separate pages of Conservative, Labour, Liberal/SDP/LibDem, UKIP, Green, Minor Party, Vintage and Spoof PPBs/PEBs. They are all listed on THIS page. If you now on PPBs...

My Election Night on 'Play Radio'

  • 5 Jun 2009

Getting up at 5.15am, whizzing down to College Green to do Sky News Sunrise and then driving for two hours to Arundel was perhaps not the ideal preparation to present what turned out to be a nine hour marathon election programme. And due to traffic I was late. However, we g...

UKIP & the BNP

  • 8 Jun 2004

Sorry about the lack of posting since Sunday. This week has been spent mainly on the doorsteps of North Norfolk. Yesterday evening I went to Happisburgh Parish Council. The Deputy Leader of the local council, Clive Stockton (a LibDem) is the chairman of the council. He owns th...