This is one of ten video collections of party politcal broadcasts since 1951. The full collection includes separate pages of Conservative, Labour, Liberal/SDP/LibDem, UKIP, Green, Minor Party, Vintage and Spoof PPBs/PEBs. They are all listed on THIS page.
If you now on PPBs or PEBs on Youtube that I have not listed, please leave a comment or contact me via the button above.


Plaid Cymru 1974

Natural Law Party - 1994

BNP, 1997

Socialist Labour Party 1999 European Elections

Plaid Cymru 2006

BNP 2005

Scottish Socialist Party 10 April 2007

Mebyon Kernow 2009

English Democrats - 23 April 2010

Scottish Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

BNP 2010

Scottish Socialist Party

Socialist Party 2011

BNP 2014 (this PPB was banned by the BBC and other broadcasters)

Plaid Cymru 2014

DUP - April 2015

Plaid Cymru 2015

UUP 2015

English Democrats, April 2015

Plaid Cymru, Autumn 2015

Alliance 2017

SDLP April 2017

UUP - October 2018