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Why I sold Politico's Publishing to Methuen

  • 3 Jun 2003

The Bookseller: Iain Dale of Politico’s Publishing explains why he sold his company to Methuen and implores booksellers to take political books seriously.   Ten weeks ago Politico’s Publishing was sold to Methuen. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but it was a move th...

Book of 2003

  • 13 Apr 2003

Iain Dale takes a look at the political books which have captured our attention over the last year.     The last twelve months has provided a bumper crop of political books. Naturally the General Election has had something to do with that, and now that it’s over we ca...

New Labour, Old Habits

  • 2 Jun 2001

New Labour, old habits As the general election gathers pace, Iain Dale explains why readers are still political animals Political bookbuyers have rarely had it so good - assuming, that is, they can find places to buy political books. Readers outside London are lucky if t...