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Why Can't the Other Parties Match the Brexit Party's Online Campaigning?

  • 14 May 2019

This European Election campaign should never have happened. We voted to leave the EU three years ago and yet we're still in it. Blame who you like - the ERG, Theresa May, Parliament, Remain MPs - it doesn't really matter. Fact is, we'll all (well, all might be an exaggeration)...

Ann Widdecombe Gives Farage Party a Turbo Boost

  • 24 Apr 2019

Nigel Farage is putting together quite an impressive line-up of candidates. This morning Ann Widdecombe announced she was one of them. Quite a coup by anybody's standards, and she will bring a lot of Tory supporters with her.  Widdecombe hasn't always been a Eurosceptic and...