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A Tribute to Bubba (2011-2023)

  • 19 Jan 2023

  This afternoon, at 4.25pm, a light went out of our lives. Our beloved miniature schnauzer Bubba died. Back in mid October John took Bubba to the vet as he seemed to have lost a lot of weight and his appetite wasn't what it was. Over the next few weeks all sorts of ...


  • 11 Dec 2022

As many of you all know, our two dogs, Dude and Bubba, are the lights of our lives. Now that they are both 11, you start to think about the awful day when they'll no longer be with us. This week, I'm afraid that the dreadful prospect of one of them leaving us ...

Reaction Life Media Column 9: 'The Salisbury Poisonings' & 'One of the Family'

  • 23 Jun 2020

  The Salisbury Poisonings, BBC1 Spread over three consecutive nights, this series sought to tell the story of the poisonings of Julia and Sergei Skripal from the point of view of the residents of Salisbury. And it succeeded in spades. It’s just the sort of thing I wish ...

Dogging in Tunbridge Wells

  • 16 Mar 2013

[ This is how I spent Saturday afternoon. Me, Bubba, and some much needed zzzzzzs.

Grooming a Schnauzer

  • 26 Feb 2013

Every six weeks or so our Miniature Schnauzer, Bubba, has to go to a dog groomer in Heathfield to have his hair cut. It’s a bit of a trauma for the poor little lad. For one thing he always throws up on the journey, although never on the return He’s otherwise very well behaved...

Bubba Pic of the Day

  • 18 Jan 2013

Seriously, Daddy, what on earth makes you think I like snow?