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CNNTalk Comes to an End - It's Been a Blast

  • 23 Jun 2019

Above: The final CNNTalk with the core team 24/6/19 In May 2017 CNN International started a show called CNNTalk. It started out as a once a week panel show with Max Foster presenting, with me, Ayesha Hazarika and Liam Halligan as the panelists. We'd discuss one subject ...

Imposter Syndrome & Dealing With Insecurities

  • 28 Sep 2018

Max Foster, my CNN Talk colleague has started a new podcast called Cloutology. In each episode he’s going to talk to people about how they achieve success in their careers and what their insecurities are. Here’s 30 minutes of me explaining how I try to deal with my own career ...

Ten Podcasts I Listen To... (And Why Few Of Them Are Political)

  • 16 Sep 2018

The term “podcasting” was first invented by Guardian columnist Ben Hammersley in February 2004. But podcasts didn’t really take off in any meaningful way until years later. I only really started listening to podcasts around four or five years ago. Nowadays, they can be big bus...