Max Foster, my CNN Talk colleague has started a new podcast called Cloutology. In each episode he’s going to talk to people about how they achieve success in their careers and what their insecurities are. Here’s 30 minutes of me explaining how I try to deal with my own career insecurities and why I suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’.

It was a bit like being on the psychiatrist’s chair for half an hour. Max has a good knack of getting things out of his interviewees, which I suppose is why he is in the job he has!

I think a lot of what I say will resonate with many of you. Very few people go through their careers fully confident in their own abilities. I suppose I have always felt I have something to prove, not just to myself but to others too.

I still feel that way, even though I have rid myself of the massive inferiority complex I used to have when I was around people who had been to public school or Oxbridge. They always seem to have an inner confidence that the rest of us struggle to find. It’s really only in the last five years that I don’t feel inferior around them and that’s been quite liberating.

In this ‘Cloutology’ podcast (available also on iTunes) I talk about my childhood, when I decided I wouldn’t follow the rest of my family and go into farming, the effect my gap year had on my development and how my career has developed in the way it has. It’s quite reflective and I hope you enjoy it. And do subscribe to ‘Cloutology’. Max’s next victim is our CNNTalk colleague Bonnie Greer.