Articles tagged Meat Loaf:

My Top Twelve Favourite Songs of 2018

  • 15 Dec 2018

You're going to think this is my job application to be a presenter on Smooth FM, but my favourite songs of 2018 are a bit middle of the road. Indeed, three are from The Greatest Showman, which surely has to be the musical soundtrack of the decade. I must admit to downloading l...

Theatre Review: 'Bat Out of Hell: The Musical - For Crying Out Loud

  • 1 Sep 2018

On Thursday Nigel Farage walked into the studio for our 7pm handover and asked: “Do you really like Meat Loaf?” I had just announced I was off to see ‘Bat out of Hell: The Musical’ with my two producers at the Dominion Theatre. “Yes,” I said.”I’ve got everything he’s ever reco...

New European Diary: Meat Loaf Tattoos & Emily Thornberry's Panzer

  • 17 May 2017

It was a wonderful sight to behold – Emily Thornberry in full Panzer mode on Marr telling Michael Fallon he was talking ‘bollocks’. Andrew Marr was so shocked he remained mute. Michael Fallon didn’t quite know what to say. The rest of us watching just roared with laughter. I’v...