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Independent Media Diary: Unreconstructed Wankers

  • 28 Aug 2006

Some years ago Tony Blair was overheard referring to the Scottish Press as "unreconstructed wankers". On Friday they had a chance to get their own back as Blair faced the Tartan Press hordes at an Edinburgh Hotel. Well, sort of. Blair's spin doctors have told the hacks that th...

The Day After

  • 16 Mar 2004

Quite how I managed to talk about poor Clare Barnes on News 24 last night I don't know. I was given a tip by a North Norfolk friend to think of pleasant things, then you get through it. The press coverage of Clare's death has been astonishing. It's interesting that the media c...

Speech to Cambridge University Conservatives on the Media

  • 4 Feb 2004

Thank you for inviting me back to the City of my birth to speak to you this evening on The Tories and the Media. With the background noise of the Hutton Report still ringing in our ears it is perhaps a good time to reflect on our relationship with the media, a relationship whi...