Articles tagged Michael Crick:

Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Thursday 8 August

  • 8 Aug 2019

No lie-in today either. I was up at 8.30am because I had to write a column for the Evening Standard and also my weekly ConservativeHome column. I finished just in time to leave for an In Conversation event with Scottish comedian Janey Godley all the way over in George Street. ...

My Consistently Inconsistent Advice on Dealing With Michael Crick

  • 7 Apr 2010

Earlier on today a couple of commenters - Scary Mary and Grim Reaper - spotted an apparent inconsistency in what I wrote in THIS blogpost comparing Gordon Brown's electoral strategy to Michael Foot's compared to THIS one which ventured some advice to first time candidates. ...

Brown Copies Foot Election Strategy

  • 7 Jan 2010

The election strategy being fought by Gordon Brown and his team reminds me of that followed by Michael Foot in 1983. These cosy little household chats which Brown is doing every day are exactly what Foot did in 1983, partly in order to keep him away from the media. Foot did hi...