Articles tagged Nicky Campbell:

When Podcasts Interview Iain... My Podcast Archive!

  • 8 Jul 2023

Someone said to me I should collate all my different podcast interviews in one place, so here goes. These are all appearances I have made on other people's podcasts, not my own! I've added links to listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, but if you use another podcast platfor...

My Book of the Year - Nicky Campbell's 'Blue Eyed Son'

  • 23 Dec 2008

I feel a bit bereft. You know that feeling when you finish a book that you never wished would end? I've got that now. This instant. Four years ago I bought a book I probably thought I'd never end up reading. You know, one of those books which looks quite interesting, but there...

Oh Dear, I've Upset Auntie

  • 17 Nov 2004

It seems I have upset the BBC. Yesterday I was interviewed by Nicky Campbell on the 5 Live Breakfast Show, ostensibly about mavericks in politics (why did they ask me, I wonder?!). Nicky ended up asking me why Michael Howard had sacked Boris Johnson for lieing rather than havi...