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A Tribute to President George H W Bush

  • 1 Dec 2018

It was sad to learn of the death of President George H W Bush this morning, but what a life he had led. I never felt he got the recognition he deserved while alive, so let’s hope that’s corrected in the many obituaries which will appear over the next few hours and days. The...

My Interview with Morgan Tsvangirai

  • 14 Feb 2018

Ten years ago I interviewed the Zimbabwean Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. It was the cover interview of the second ever edition of Total Politics magazine Tonight it was announced he had died, at the age of 65. Here’s the i You won the election in March. Do you now fee...

In Memory of Bert Rose - 1928-2017

  • 6 Feb 2018

Last Friday I attended the funeral of Bert Rose at St Martin’s Church, Overstrand, near Cromer. Bert was a dear friend, and a key ally of mine when I stood for the Conservatives in North Norfolk. I gave the second eulogy. His good friend Paul Cater took us through his whole li...

A Tribute to Gordon Aikman

  • 3 Feb 2017

This was the tribute I paid to my friend Gordon Aikman, whose death was announced this morning. He has raised more than £540,000 for Motor Neurone Disease Research. He was one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. if you’d like to donate click here

Cecil Parkinson 1931-2016: An Obituary & Personal Memories

  • 25 Jan 2016

Iain pays tribute to one of his political mentors Embed from Getty Images Cecil Parkinson, who died today at the age of 84, belonged, albeit fleetingly, to that unfortunate group of politicians known as ex future Prime Ministers. At the peak of his political powers in mid ...

A Tribute to Charles Kennedy

  • 2 Jun 2015

Charles Kennedy was a man beset by grief on two counts. He died grieving for the loss of his father who died in early April, at the start of the general election campaign, but he was also grieving over the loss of his seat after a parliamentary career lasting thirty-two years...

Interviewing Joan Rivers

  • 4 Sep 2014

I’m so sad to hear of the death of Joan Rivers. I saw her do a stand-up show in the 1990s but in October 2012 I had the honour of interviewing her on LBC. We decided it might be safest to pre-record (!) but she was absolutely charming. I don’t mind admitting I was petrified. ...

A Tribute to Andy Wilson

  • 11 Jun 2014

I don’t know who it was who said that ‘only the good die young’, but they certainly had a point. Only two months ago I wrote about my friend Corinne de Souza, who died from cancer at the age of 58. Well yesterday I attended the funeral of another friend who also fell victim t...

A Tribute to Corinne De Souza 1955-2014

  • 18 Mar 2014

This site seems to have become a repository for obituaries and tributes in the last week, and I am afraid here’s another one. John and I first met Corinne De Souza back in 1997 just after we opened Politico’s. It turned out that unbeknown to me at the time I had taken over he...

A Tribute to Tony Benn

  • 14 Mar 2014

Even before I first met him in the mid 1990s, Tony Benn was always a source of endless fascination for me. I remember buying a volume of his diaries from a second hand bookshop in Cambridge and being transfixed. By the time I met him I had bought all the other volumes and I r...