There are very few commentators and broadcasters with an instinctive feel for real politics - who feel the passions, and who understand the flaws and the strengths of the players from the inside, with proper empathy. Iain Dale does, which makes him endlessly listenable-to and peerless. For many political-addicts, he is their warm but watchful friend.

Andrew Marr

Iain Dale is that rare beast – a forensic and mischievous interviewer with a deep sense of humanity and kindness beneath the brilliant probing. His interviews yield light as well as heat – and he has a genuine ability to step away from his own zone – to see things from a much needed, alternative perspective.

Emily Maitlis

Smart, funny, and always on it, he makes me feel happier and cleverer every time I hear him speak. Watch Iain Dale open the kimono — can I rephrase that?

Jeremy Vine

He asked the best question of a politician this year.

Piers Morgan

His skewering of Theresa May became known as “The Iain Dale question”.

Andrew Neil

Iain gets the best out of people by rebuffing the worst; he demands honesty, and gets it.

Emily Thornberry

A gentle stiletto

Jonathan Dimbleby

An exceptionally gifted interviewer. Terrier-like, but with wit and charm, and never lets you get away with anything. Not a man to be trifled with!

Sir Nicholas Soames MP

A rigorous, sharp, but always fair interviewer, who never lets anyone get away with a lazy assertion.

John McDonnell MP

Iain Dale is a perfect radio host. Passionate, warm, authoritative and loves Sir Cliff.

Simon Mayo

The indefatigable Iain Dale always cuts to the nub of politics.

Adam Boulton