A bit of an announcement.

In September 2018 I started presenting a new show on LBC called Cross Question. It has been a once a week hour on a Wednesday evening, and the format is similar to Any Questions or Question Time, the main difference being that the questions come from our callers. It's proved to be very popular, especially since it returned at the beginning of March. I present it from our new Westminster studio at 4 Millbank with a panel of four people, all joining us on our video wall via Zoom.

I announced on the show last night that CROSS QUESTION is being extended to three nights a week, Monday to Wednesday, 8pm to 9pm, from 24th May.

Cross Question

The programme is available on radio and on video, streamed in HD on Global Player, lbc.co.uk and LBC’s social media channels.

There’s a huge appetite for informed and calm political debate in this country, so I’m delighted that Cross Question is now going three nights a week. While our guests may disagree with each other, it’s done in a polite manner. We’re fed up with confected rows, so our guests have managed to find areas of agreement, as well as having passionate arguments. We have booked some fantastic guests over the next few weeks, but it’s our callers who are the key to the success of Cross Question, and they will remain at the centre of the show, as they put their questions to our panels.

We have a brilliant line-up in our first week...


Monday 24 May - Sarah Vine, Polly Toynbee, Diane Abbott, Brandon Lewis 

Tuesday 25 May - Simon Heffer, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Rebecca Long Bailey + a tbc Conservative

Wednesday 26 May - Susie Boniface, Robert Shrimsley, Steve Turner, Sir David Lidington


Cross Question with Iain Dale will be broadcast Monday to Wednesday, 8pm to 9pm (from 24th May) on LBC, available across the UK on DAB digital radio and TV, Global Player on your smart speaker, iOS or Android device, LBC.co.uk and in London on 97.3 FM.