Since November 2017, Jacqui Smith and I have been recording a weekly podcast, called For the Many. We chat about politics, current affairs and the media and anything else that takes our fancy. Over time we have built up a very loyal audience and at the end of the podcast we take questions they have submitted via email or Twitter.

For the Many jacqui smith

Someone once said it's like eavesdropping on a conversation between two mates down the pub on a Sunday evening. We don't fall out, we don't shout. We have the odd bicker, but we try to conduct ourselves in the way we think all discussiuons should be carried out. We get on well, we like each other and I think it shows.

I genuinely think we do one of the best political podcasts out there, but somehow we've stayed a bit under the radar, which is odd given my talent for self-publicity! I often joke by describing For the Many as a 'yet to be award winning podcast'. 

Anyway, the point of this blogpost is to tell you that our podcast was reviewed today in The Observer by Miranda Sawyer. This is what she says...

This political podcast from LBC has been going for a couple of years now and is presented by the station’s Iain Dale, who hosted the Conservative leadership hustings last year, and former Labour home secretary Jacqui Smith. Smith is Blairite and Dale a fairly centrist Tory (though pro-Brexit), so this is not one of those awful programmes where people shout their opinions at each other as though they’re bellowing across a crowded pub. Instead, there are some bawdy jokes, lots of political banter and listener questions answered with gossipy insight. Far more fun than you might expect.

If you've never listened, give it a try. We're on Global Player, Apple Podcasts and all the other podcast platforms.

UPDATE 4 FEB: And here's a nice mention from David Hepworth in the Radio Times.

For the Many