I am a massive fan of Michael Cockerell. He's been on my TV screens reporting on political events and making superb documentaries for more than forty years. If I had to choose a list of people whose jobs I would like to have had, he would be very high on it. His style of documentary making is incomparable and it is a real art. I've not seen anyone else who has the talent and ability to make such programmes better than he does. If he's profiling an individual, he really gets into their core character. It's almost invasive. If he's looking at an issue, or explaining an historical event, he does it in a way where the viewer often has a lightbulb moment, enabling us to understand a previously impenetrable issue. He explains how politics really works. In short, he does things few others can. 

So I thought I would have a look on Youtube to see if any of his programmes had been uploaded on there. I was delighted to find that almost all of his back catalogue is there for all to view. So here's a list of all his films and below, you can watch almost all of them. If you have access to any of the missing ones, please let me know if they come on Youtube in the future and I will add them.


  • Sir Ted: A Film Portrait of Edward Heath*
  • How We Fell For Europe (1975) 
  • The Lost World of the Seventies 
  • Roy Jenkins: A Very Social Democrat 
  • The Marketing Of Margaret Thatcher (1983) 
  • Blair's Thousand Days
  • The Lady And The Lords, Life in Whips Office (1995)*
  • Inside 10 Downing Street (2000),
  • Cabinet Confidential (2001),
  • Denis Healey: The Best Prime Minister Labour never had?,
  • Who is Ed Miliband? (on Newsnight)
  • The Making of the Iron Lady (2008).
  • How to Be Chancellor, How to Be Foreign Secretary, How to Be Home Secretary);
  • Anglo-American, Anglo-German and Anglo-French relations* 
  • News from Number 10
  • Three-part analysis of Tony Blair's 10 years in office as Prime Minister.*
  • How to be an ex Prime Minister*
  • The Great Offices of State
  • The Secret World of Whitehall
  • Inside the Commons 
  • How to Win the TV Debate* 
  • Hotline to the President*

Some time ago I looked into the possibility of publishing all of Michael's programmes on DVD, but the rights issues involved were too complicated and it would have been too expensive to make it financially viable. So I'm delighted all these videos have appeared on Youtube. Enjoy them.


The Thatcher Campaign of 1979


The Making of Margaret Thatcher

Labour's Old Romantic: Michael Foot

Sir Robert Mark: The Man Who Cleaned Up The Met Police

Denis Healey

Love Tory - Profile of Alan Clark (1993)

Life in the Whips Office (1995)

How to be Prime Minister (1996)

How to be Chancellor of the Exchequer (1997)

How to be Foreign Secretary (1998)

Edward Heath - A Very Singular Man (1998)

How to be Leader of the Opposition (1999)

How to be Home Secretary (1999)

What Makes Tony Tick (2000)

Blair's Thousand Days: The Lady and the Lords

News from Number Ten (2000)

Cabinet Confidential (2001)

Trust Me I'm a Politician (2003)

Roy Jenkins - A Very Social Democrat 

How We Fell For Europe (2005)

A Word in the Right Ear: The World of Political Lobbying

Night of the Long Knives

The Seventies

Inside the House of Commons Part 1 (2015)

Inside the House of Commons (Part 2)

Inside the House of Commons (Part 3)

Inside the House of Commons (Part 4)

Who is Ed Miliband? (2015)

The Irresistible Rise of Boris Johnson

The Secret World of Whitehall Episode 1 The Real Sir Humphrey (2015)

The Secret World of Whitehall Episode 2 Behind the Black Door (2015)

The Secret World of Whitehall: The Secret Network

The Great Offices of State Part 2 Palace of Dreams 

Lessons from the 1975 Referendum (Newsnight, 2016)

Boris v Dave