Articles tagged Edward Heath:

The 1966 General Election Campaign Video Collection

  • 24 Feb 2019

Ted Heath campaigning Jo Grimond campaigning The election in Stockport Hecklers Heckling documentary Election night in Hull Pathe Election Night BBC Election Night Coverage

The 1970 General Election Video Collection

  • 24 Feb 2019

  ITN Profile of Edward Heath First Time Voters Report from Glasgow Cathcart How to vote - a public information film BBC Election Night Coverage  Robin Day flirts with Miss Janet Fookes David Dimbleby Interviews Harold Wilson the morni...

Conservative Party Political Broadcasts Video Collection

  • 2 Feb 2019

This is one of ten video collections of party politcal broadcasts since 1951. The full collection includes separate pages of Conservative, Labour, Liberal/SDP/LibDem, UKIP, Green, Minor Party, Vintage and Spoof PPBs/PEBs. They are all listed on THIS page. If you know of PPB...

In Praise of Michael Cockerell & Watch His (Almost) Entire Back Catalogue

  • 19 Jan 2019

I am a massive fan of Michael Cockerell. He's been on my TV screens reporting on political events and making superb documentaries for more than forty years. If I had to choose a list of people whose jobs I would like to have had, he would be very high on it. His style of docum...

Anecdotes from the Thatcher Statue Unveiling

  • 27 Feb 2007

A word of praise for James Hardy of the BBC. His report on last night's unveiling of Margaret Thatcher's statue struck just the right tone. Having been a journalist on the Daily Mirror, I suspect that James is not a card carrying Tory, but he capture the mood of the occasion b...

The Man Responsible for the Rise of Edward Heath

  • 9 Mar 2006

Sir Walter Bromley-Davenport was the Tory MP for Knutsford, and an opposition whip shortly after the war. Once, seeing an unfamiliar figure leaving the building, he assumed this was a Tory MP trying to evade a three-line whip. When the man refused to stop, Sir Walter kicked hi...

Guardian Diary: Mo Mowlam Answered my Phone

  • 13 May 2002

Blair-faced cheek There was more than met the eye to the Blair family trip to Cornwall last summer, writes Iain Dale I wonder where Tony Blair and his family will be heading for their summer holidays this year? Last year they were forced to spend a few days in Cornwall a...