These were my new year's resolutions from this time last year. So how did I do?


  1. To read at least 5 novels this year. I didn't read a single one in 2018. FAILED. I haven't read a single one.
  2. To avoid rising to the bait trolls lay for me on Twitter. LARGELY ACHIEVED. But not wholly.
  3. Spend much more time in Norfolk. FAILED. Well I wasn't to know 2019 was going to be so busy workwise!
  4. Do, by which I mean perform in, a show at the Edinburgh Festival. ACHIEVED.
  5. End the year weighing less than I do now, 15 1/2 stone, which is more than a stone lighter than I was this time in 2017. FAILED. I'm 16 4.
  6. Dress better. New shirts. New suits. ACHIEVED. Sort of.
  7. To see Alphaville in concert. FAILED. Not my fault. They cancelled the concert.
  8. To spend less time with a screen in front of me. FAILED
  9. To play at least ten rounds of golf. ACHIEVED. I joined the Royal Cromer Golf Club!
  10. To surprise myself. If that's even possible at 56. FAILED.

So, 4 out of 10. Must do better in 2020...

Here are my resolutions for this year...

  1. Not to buy any sweets or chocolate throughout the whole year.
  2. To build on my on-screen and podcast relationship with Jacqui Smith.
  3. To increase my presence on Instagram and learn how to use it to best effect.
  4. Sell our house in Kent and move lock, stock & barrel to a forever house in Norfolk. 
  5. To persuade LBC to send me to the US for the Presidential Election.
  6. To secure a weekly newspaper column.
  7. To promote my new book as widely as possible and to speak at at least 20 literary festivals around the country.
  8. To finally get time to do more research into my family history, especially in Scotland in the 1700s in order to prove beyond doubt that I am (or am not!) a descendent of Robbie Burns.
  9. To watch all six series of MADAM SECRETARY.
  10. To be a better friend to those I have neglected.