At about 1.20am this morning, I was giving final approval to the new Biteback Publishing website when I happened to look at Twitter. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. David Rathband had taken his own life. It was as if Raoul Moat had risen from his grave and taken his final victim. Why did it affect me? Because Biteback published his book, Tango 190 last July. Since that time David has gone through various traumas. It was clear from his tweets that he was in a bad place. He was arrested over a domestic incident with his wife Kath. He ended up going to Australia to spend time with his brother, and had only just returned to this country. We’ll never know what went through his mind, but the whole country will be mourning the loss of a very brave man, who didn’t deserve what life dealt out to him.

I know Tony Horne, who wrote the book with David, is devastated by the news, and how his wife and children will cope, it is impossible to imagine.