Simon Heffer has written a poisonous piece in the Daily Mail today about the fact that Nick Boles and I lost both our seats - he blames it on the fact that we are gay and that people outside London don't like that sort of thing. Strange how he doesn't mention the fact that Nick Herbert, who won Arundel, is gay too and has a huge majority. I thought we had got beyond this, but it is clear that the media will sink to any level to be homophobic. I understand the Mail on Sunday will be writing a similar article tomorrow. In 20 months here I can count on the fingers of two hands the number of people who have had an issue with my sexuality. The very same people would have had a problem if I had been black, a single mother or anything other than a white Volvo-driving husband with 2.4 children. Frankly, if they didn't vote for me I'm rather glad. The Conservative Party can do without bigots.