As many of you know, I have three weekly podcasts running at the moment and you’d do me an enormous honour if you’d try each of them out. And if you like them, subscribe so you’ll automatically get new episodes on your phone each week.

For the Many postcard

‘For the Many’ has been going for a year now. Each weekend Jacqui Smith and I record a new episode taking a look at the week’s news. Someone once said that we sound like two mates down the pub on a Sunday night chatting about what’s happened that week. We get quite personal at times and have been known to indulge in a bit of gratuitous smut. We record it over the weekend, Jacqui in her house, me in mine, and it’s normally uploaded on a Sunday night ready for your Monday morning commute.

See and download all the episodes HERE.

Cross Question Cross Question is a weekly programme that I present on LBC each Wednesday from 8-9pm. We have a panel of two politicians and two others - usually commentators or well known people. The podcast is uploaded immediately after the programme goes out lives and is usually available by 11pm on a Wednesday night. We’ve done five episodes so far and you can see and download all the episodes HERE.

  • Ep 1 Andrew Adonis, Liz Truss, Gisela Stuart, Liam Halligan
  • Ep 2 Claire Fox, Laurie Penny, Mel Stride, Stephen Kinnock
  • Ep 3 Jacqui Smith, Fiyaz Mughal, Simon Heffer, John Redwood
  • Ep 4 Matt Kelly, Geoff Norcott, Nicky Morgan, Jo Swinson
  • Ep 5 Afua Hirsch, Richard Tice, Brandon Lewis, Andrew Gwynne
  • Ep 6 Nigel Lawson, Natalie Bennett, Camilla Tominey, Wes Streeting

Book Club

The Iain Dale Book Club is recorded each week, showcasing books by new author with books out. Some are household names, some not. The weekly podcast is available on a Friday morning, but bonus episodes will often be available mid week too. You can view and download the podcasts HERE.

Episodes available so far…

  • Chapter 1 Women in Politics – Jacqui Smith, Sophy Ridge, Gina Miller
  • Chapter 2 Writing Successful Fiction - Amanda Prowse, Judith O’Reilly, Dreda Say Mitchell
  • Chapter 3 June Bernicoff from Gogglebox, Alan Johnson, Sebastian Faulks
  • Chapter 4 Max Hastings
  • Bonus Episode Ruth Davidson
  • Chapter 5 Derek Draper, Max Foster
  • Bonus Episode Alastair Campbell
  • Chapter 6 Kevin Keegan