Back in the autumn Biteback published a series of books called “Why Vote…” covering the four main political parties. In January we added ‘Why Vote Green’ to the list. I’ve calculated sales up until the end of February, and these are the figures.

UKIP 26.7%
Labour 23.5%
Conservative 17.6%
Green 17.5%
LibDem 14.7%

It’s a very good performance for the ‘Why Vote Green’ book as it’s only been on the shelves for a little over a month.

Interestingly, UKIP voters are the most eBook friendly, with 13% of the ‘Why Vote UKIP’ book being downloaded on the Kindle or via iBooks or the Nook. By way of contrast only 2% of the ‘Why Vote Green’ book are eBook sales. How ironic that the Greens kill more trees than their counterparts. However, Green purchasers are more likely to buy direct from the Biteback or Politicos websites than Amazon, so good for them!

I’ll update the figures again at the end of March.

You can buy each of the books at Biteback Publishing’s website or the whole series is available for £37.50 (normal price £50) HERE