Thanks to all of you who contributed ideas for my Top Ten List of Things Which Would Be Different if DD Had Become Leader. Here's the final version - and remember, this is fun, humorous and not to be taken seriously - anyone tempted to have a sense of humour failure should look away now...

10. Iain Dale would have been on the A List first time around (or perhaps not!)
9. The Daily Telegraph writes supportive articles
8. ConservativeHome shut down for insubordination
7. Mandatory blue stripy ties for all members of the Shadow Cabinet
6. Leader travels to work in a Vulcan Bomber followed by Lear Jet carrying leaders’ shoes and brief case
5. Free Broken Nose Jobs on the NHS
4. No more compulsory Eton education for Leader’s Office staff
3. Shadow Home Secretary David Cameron instructed to introduce Mug a Hoodie policy
2. Jamie Oliver tasked with providing school meal recipes containing Chocolate Oranges.
1. New Shadow Secretary of State for Fashion appointed to introduce compulsory wearing of It’s DD for Me T Shirts at all CF events – for men