Thanks to Olly McGrath at LBC for putting together this 40 minute long video of my most memorable interviews and calls of 2013


  1. LibDem MEP Lucy Porritt doesn't seem to know anything about the subject of the interview. (October) 
  2. Emily Thornberry incurs my wrath for her attitude to a second referendum. (May)
  3. I show Tony Blair a pic of Nigel Farage being milkshaked. (May)
  4. James in Merthyr Tydfil has a right old go at Labour's Barry Gardiner. (December)
  5. Caller Hakim defends the stoning of gays and persecution of gays in Brunei. (April)
  6. Election Night: The exit poll (December)
  7. Former Labour MP Mike Gapes accuses Nigel Farage of being funded by "dubious sources" and then fails to back it up. (November)
  8. Shaun in Consett becomes my favourite caller of the year for his attack on the Tories! Yup, really. (November)
  9. Finnish MEP and European Parliament Vice President Heidi Hautula comes on LBC to be interviewed about Boris Johnson's letter to Jean Claude-Juncker and then tells me she hasn't read it. Oh dear. (October)
  10. Dr Kehinde Andrews doesn't think it's possible for BAME people to be Tories. (March)
  11. Iain takes Extinction Rebellion's Dr Rupert Read to task for using a taxi. (July)
  12. Jonathan Ashworth's mea culpa about his leaked phone call. (December)

More next year!