Iain's Book Club podcast was launched in September 2018. Each week (sometimes twice a week) Iain interviews some of the most interesting authors in the country with new books out. And there's the occasional bonus episode or an author interviews from the archives. 

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96. Nina Schick

95. Andrew Adonis

94. Jonathaon Porritt

93. Rachel Johnson

92. Dame Jenni Murray (Fat Cow, Fat Chance)

91. Fern Britton (Daughters of Cornwall)

90. Nick Timothy (Reinventing One Nation)

89. Mark Pack (Bad News)

88. Lord Ashcroft (Unfair Game)

87. A Brief Pause

86. Peter Sissons (When One Door Closes)

85. Paul Gascoigne (Glorious)

84. Michael Cashman (Autobiography)

83. Sir Anthony Seldon (May at Ten)

82. Richard Bradford (Orwell: A Man for our Times)

81. Gyles Brandreth (Brief Encounters)

80. Paul Lay (Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate

79. Liam Halligan (Home Truths)

78. Jacqui Smith (Honourable Ladies Vol 2)

77. John Sweeney & Manuel Delia (Murder on the Malta Express)

76. Asa Bennett (Romanifesto)

75. Dorothy Byrne (Trust me, I'm not a Politician)

74. Emma Crewe & Andrew Walker (An Extraordinary Scandal)

73. Mark Bright (My Story)

72. Douglas Murray (Madness of Crowds)

BONUS. Naomi Klein (On Fire)

71. Charles Moore (Herself Alone)

70. Leo McKinstrey (Attlee & Churchill: Allies in War, Adversaries in Peace)

69. Matthew Stadlen (How to See Birds)

68. Sir Simon Jenkins (A Short History of London)

67. Jonathan Rugman (The Killing in the Consulate)

66. Patrick Kidd (The Weak are a Long Time in Politics)

65. Jason Webster (Violencia - A New History of Spain: Past, Present and the Future of the West)

64. Tim Bale (Footsoldiers - Political Party Membership in the 21st Century)

63. Simon Heffer (Staring at God - Britain in the Great War)

62. Alexander Lebedev (Hunting the Banker - The Confessions of a Russian ex-Oligarch)

61. Gyles Brandreth (Dancing by the Light of the Moon)

60. Jeffrey Archer (Nothing Ventured)

59. Max Hastings (Chastise: The Dam Busters Story 1943)

58. Matthew Syed (Rebel Ideas - The Power of Diverse Thinking)

57. Edward Stourton & Lode Desmet (Blind Man's Brexit: How the EU took control of Brexit)

56. Steve Richards (Prime Ministers)

55. Jack Brown (No 10: The Geography of Power in Downing Street)

54. Rod Liddle (The Great Brexit Betrayal)

53. Jack Straw (The English Job)

52. Jesse Norman (Adam Smith: What he Thought & Why it Matters)

51. Owen Bennett (Michael Gove: Man in a Hurry)

50. Kirsty Wark (The House by the Loch)

49. Talat Ahmed & Kavita Puri (Mohandas Ghandi & Partition Voices

BONUS: Lord Maurice Glasman

48. Peter Riddell (15 Minutes of Power)

47. Sir Ian Kennedy (Clearing Up the Mess)

46. Ayesha Hazarika & Tom Hamilton (Punch & Judy Politics)

45. Tom Bradby (Secret Service)

BONUS: David Blanchflower (Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?)

44. Peter Caddick-Adams (Sand & Stone)

43. Jacob Rees-Mogg (The Victorians)

42. Camilla Cavendish (Extra Time)

41. David Laws (Who Killed Lord Kitchener)

40. Paul Mason (Clear Bright Future)

39. Tim Bouverie (Appeasement) 

38. Emily Maitlis (Airhead)   

37. Ben Elton (Identity Crisis)

36. Anita Anand (The Patient Assassin)

35. Damian Barr (You Will Be Safe Here)

34. Chris Mullin (The Friends of Harry Perkins

33. Katie Price & Fern Britton

32. Robin Renwick (Not Quite a Diplomat)

31. Rachel Reeves (Women of Westminster)

30. Tom Bower (Dangerous Hero - Corbyn's Ruthless Plot for Power)

29. Theo Barclay (Fighters & Quitters: Great Political Resignations) and Caroline Slocock (People Like Us - Margaret Thatcher and Me)

BONUS: Macer Gifford, the British city trader who went to fight ISIS in Syria

28. Tim Waterstone (The Face Pressed Against a Window)

27. Sir John Nott ( Memorable Encounters)

26. William Keegan (Nine Crises)

BONUS Joan Collins

25. Barbara Taylor Bradford (Master of his Fate)

24. Johann Hari (The Lost Connection)

BONUS Joan Rivers

23. General Stanley McChrystal (Leaders)

BONUS Best of 2018

22. William Clegg (Under the Wig), Jessica Douglas Home (William Simmonds)  & Sir Simon Jenkins (A Short History of Europe)

21. Pete May (Goodbye to the Boleyn), Brian Williams (Home from Home) & Robert Banks (An Irrational Hatred of Everything)

BONUS Mark Urban (The Skripal Files)

20: Philip Cowley (British General Election of 2017), Tim Shipman (All Out War), Tom McTague (Betting the House)

19. James O'Brien (How to be Right)

18. Lewis Goodall (Left for Dead), Francis Beckett (Corbyn & the Strange Rebirth of Labour England) & Stephen Kinnock (Spirit of Britain, Purpose of Labour)

BONUS Baroness Trumpington

17. Dan Snow (On This Day in History), Caroline Shenton (Mr Barry's War) & Kamal Ahmed (The Life & Times of a Very British Man)

16. Mary Portas (Work Like a Woman)

15. Barbara Hosking (Exceeding my Brief) & Stanley Underhill (Coming out of the Black Country)

14. Gyles Brandreth (Have you eaten Grandma)

13. Jeffrey Archer (Heads you Win)

12. Andrew Roberts (Churchill: Walking with Destiny) & Christopher Lee (Carrington: An Honourable Man)

11. Kate Williams (Rival Queens), Robert Hardman (Queen of the World) & Penny Junor (All the Queen's Corgis)

10. Giles & Mary from Gogglebox (The Diary of Two Nobodies)

9. Isabel Hardman (Why we get the Wrong Politicians), Philip Collins (Start Again: How we can fix our Broken Politics) & Tom Baldwin (Control, Alt, Delete)

8. Jeremy Thompson (Breaking News) & Mark Austin (And Thank You For Watching)

7. John Simpson (Moscow Midnight) & Paddy Ashdown (Nein)

BONUS Tim Tate (Hitler's British Traitors), Robert Hutton (Agent Jack), Bernard Cornwell (War of the Wolf), Nick Spindler (A Layman's Guide to Space)

6. Kevin Keegan (My Life in Football)

BONUS Alastair Campbell (Diaries Vol 7)

5. Derek Draper (Create Space) & Max Foster (Cloutology) 

4. Max Hastings (Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy)

3. Sebastian Faulks (Paris Echo), Alan Johnson (In My Life) & June Bernicoff (Leo & June: Our Story)

2. Dreda Say Mitchell (Blood Secrets), Amanda Prowse (The Co-ordinates of Life) & Judith O'Reilly (Killing State)

1. Jacqui Smith (Honourable Ladies), Sophy Ridge (The Women Who Shaped Politics) & Gina Miller (Rise)

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