It's quite clear that the NHS is soon going to come under intolerable pressure. The least we can all do is to try to not burden it with unnecessary visits. I got an email from a listener, Sam, a few minutes ago. We all need to think like Sam...

Love the show I have been a listener for years. I have an idea to take some strain away from the NHS, in regards to normal admissions. Earlier this week my 8 year old son had an accident at school, he injured his wrist playing at lunch.

I was advised by the school that he needed an X-ray. That was when I started to get a little uneasy. I thought I don’t want my son or myself sitting in the hospital with some non life threatening. I started to consider other options for an X-Ray. I contacted the local veterinary surgery to ask how much they would charge me for an x-ray. The vet said that they would love to help. However their license does not allow them to x-ray humans.

The vet confirmed that their machines were better and more modern than most NHS machines. It was nothing to do with safety it was just a license issue. I contacted my chiropractor who said that they would be happy to help the charge was £50. I took my son to be X-rayed at the chiropractors clinic, the radiographer confirmed there was no breaks and he didn’t need to go to A&E. We were home in less than an hour.

The kids are all off school and are going to be playing at home, there’s going to be more accidents than when the kids are at school. They’re going to need X-Rays. Now when you consider the vets, chiropractors, dentists, etc have more X-ray machines than the NHS by far, it seems silly not to take advantage of the resources.

Be like Sam.