I discovered this on my old blog recently, which someone had tagged me to do, so I thought I'd bring it up to date. Hate is such an extreme emotion, but sometimes you just have to let it all out. Here goes...


1 - Most hated food.
Avocado or prawns. Foods of the devil.

2 - Most hated person.
It's a toss up between Russell Brand and Bono. Both equally up themselves.

3 - Most hated job.
Mucking out my Dad's pigs for 10p an hour as my Saturday job in the mid 1970s.

4 - Most hated city.

5 - Most hated band/song.
U2. All their songs.

6 - Most hated website.
Daily Mirror. Full of pop up as which make reading any article impossible.

7 - Most hated TV programme.
Casualty and Call the effing Midwife, which I am forced to sit through every Saturday and Sunday night.

9 - Most hated British politician.
Gerry Adams. He is British, after all, not that he'd like to acknowledge it.

10 - Most hated artist.
Any modern artist. I'll say Tracey Emin purely because she's the only one I can name.

11 - Most hated book.
Das Kapital. It's done more damage to the world than any other. Including Mein Kampf.

12 - Most hated shop.
Harrods. Because of who used to own it. I suppose I should get over it.

13 - Most hated organisation.
I'm not even sure you can 'hate' an organisation, although of course we're all supposed to 'love' the NHS. I'll choose the European Commission.

14 - Most hated historical event.
Fall of Margaret Thatcher.

15 - Most hated sport.
Horse Racing and synchronised swimming, if you can call it a sport. Oh, and Boxing. I'd ban it.

16 - Most hated technology.
Apple Macs. Can't be doing with them. Mind you,  used to resultely defend the Blackberry against the iPhone. Ahem.

17 - Most hated annual event.
One of the big four winning the Premier League.

18 - Most hated daily task.
Remembering to take my diabetes medications at the right time.

19 - Most hated comedian.
Jimmy Carr. Just because he isn't funny.