1. Watch 120 episodes of MADAM SECRETARY on Amazon Prime. It's like West Wing and with a Secretary of State who saves the world in every episode. Great feelgood telly
  2. Download every song ever made by MANGO GROOVE and play them on a loop
  3. Watch all five series of OUTLANDER. It'll teach that however hard your life is at the moment, be grateful you weren't alive in Scotland in 1743
  4. Bask in the love of your dog(s), cat(s) or pet anaconder.
  5. Listen to the entire back catalogue of 150 editions of the FOR THE MANY PODCAST. You know it makes sense.
  6. Start compiling a 'shitlist' of companies you intend to boycott after it's all over for the way they've treated their staff/customers/you.
  7. Start reading Robert Caro's four volume biography of Lyndon Johnson. Given a fair wind, you might finish them in time for Christmas.
  8. Only watch the TV News once a day. While listening to LBC 24/7. Natch.
  9. Avoid watching travel programmes. It'll only make you wistful for the trips that never were.
  10. Spend the day cutting up tabloid newspapers into squares. It's better than Izal Medicated.