Back when I started on LBC in 2010 people's listening habits were much less complex than they are today. Very few people listened to podcasts in those days. Most listened to radio on normal linear platforms.There were few online listeners. Ten years on, things have changed dramatically. Obviously, the majority listen live, but they don't necessarily do it on a traditional FM radio. DAB listening has increased massively. Huge numbers now listen on the Global Player app, or via apps like Tunein. Many "listen" on their TVs via Sky, Freeview, Virgin or Freesat. 

Iain Dale Whole Show Podcast LBC

Retrospective listening is also in vogue. You can catch up on the last seven days' programmes via the Global Player, but everyone who works in audio is now trying to maximise listeners on all sorts of different platforms.

With this in mind, from next week my entire evening show will be available on all podcasts platforms within half an hour of the show finishing. And they'll be there forever, not just for the next seven days. So if you listen to your podcasts on Apple (iTunes), Google, Playerfm, Global Player or any of the other platforms, search for 'Iain Dale Whole Show' and subscribe, so you need never miss a show!

We now have a huge listenership all over the world, so given the time difference, I imagine there will be a lot of subscribers from other countries.

And don't forget my other weekly podcasts!

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