You will have seen Professor John Ashton on your TV screens over the last few days, or heard him on your radio. He certainly talks a good game, and on the surface makes some good points when he criticises the government's entire policy over Coronavirus. The trouble was, his mask slipped on Question Time on Thursday night, when he was completely out of control. He was the only populist on the panel and tried to whip up the audience into a frenzy.

The rest of the media lapped it up, and so did he. He was on GMB, Sky and virtually every broadcast outlet going on Friday. He's an ex regional director of public health, so he ought to know what he is talking about. Maybe he'll be proved, maybe he won't.

Today Dr Ellie Gannon, another ubiquitous face on the media (she's the Mail on Sunday's resident GP), today tweeted a video which does a better job than any government official or politician has of explaining the current approach.

I don't know who this man is, but he deserves a medal. I'd now like Professor John Ashton to make a video, devoid of populist rhetoric, where he calmly counters the points made and explains why this policy is wrong. 


UPDATE: And here's me interviewing Robert, the creator of the 'bucket' video...

UPDATE: Here's a video documentary about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.  It shows how San Francisco went too early, and missed the second wave but was hit by the 3rd hard. Philadelphia went too late and was decimated by the second wave.