Tory Rascal has tagged me in the EIGHT POINTLESS THINGS ABOUT ME meme. Only eight? It's what Sunday afternoons are for, innit.

1. My German oral for my final exams at university had to be postponed because the previous day a motorcyclist broke his leg when he hit my car as I was taking three old ladies to vote. It's a long story.

2. I taught tap dancing to Libyan schoolchildren as a summer job in 1984.

3. I once won a pig in a bowling competition.

4. I was once chased by a Hungarian prostitute (female!) and had to flee the country. It's an even longer story.

5. I had all my wisdom teeth removed in one go and felt absolutely no pain.

6. When I met Cliff Richard two years ago I was completely tongue tied and couldn't think of anything to say.

7. I can't whistle, and I have great difficulty in tieing anything, especially shoelaces and ties. If you ever want a good laugh, watch me try to tie shoelaces. I get there in the end, but in a very roundabout way :)

8. I got the slipper at primary school for looking up my teacher's skirt? The psychoanalysts among you can make of that what you will :)