1. It's 10pm and our exit polls show David Cameron heading for a clear majority.
2. And here's Jeremy Vine in his cowboy uniform.
3. That was Nick Clegg paying tribute to the two old parties.
4. If you click the red button you can see Emily Maitlis naked.
5. And now over to Iain Dale in the LBC studios...
6. Please don't text or tweet us. We really can't be arsed to read them out.
7. We hear that Gordon Brown is paying a last minute visit to Rochdale.
8. For the very best in political analysis, read Adam Boulton's blog...
9. In Morley & Outwood, Ed Balls doubles his majority.
10. And that's the end of the programme. I'll be back at 10pm to see the new Prime Minister enter Downing Street. Mr Clegg has had quite a night.