Well if it's good enough for John Prescott, it's good enough for me. And I suppose it just proves that blogging is about me, me, me :). Anyway, here are 25 random things you probably never knew about me, and probably never wanted to know. Tough.

1. I worked for a year as a nurse in a German spinal injuries hospital after leaving school.
2. My first car was an orange Cortina Mk III, which became known at university as the Big Jaffa.
3. On my 20th birthday I wrote off my Cortina after hitting a Transit van head on at 50mph.
4. My parents lost me at the 1964 Essex Show, when I was two. I was found picking up cigarette butts and eating them.
5. As a baby I somehow fell out of my pram. I still have the mark on my forehead.
6. I was bottom of my German class aged 14. I went on a three week school exchange and then came top.
7. I lived in London from 1985 to 1997, in Fulham, Putney, Walthamstow and the Isle of Dogs.
8. Our Gio is a Battersea dog. We went in for an adult Spaniel and came out with a Jack Russell puppy.
9. Gio got run over once, while still on his lead, while I was walking him.
10. My first West Ham game was at the Abbey Stadium in Cambridge in 1972. We lost 3-2.
11. I was an ace hockey player at school, scoring several hat tricks.
12. I won the 1992 Medway Ports Authority Golf Championship - my greatest sporting achievement. I play off a ridiculous 13 handicap, when it should be at least 20.
13. As an eleven year old I fancied Esther Rantzen something rotten. Explains a lot.
14. I have 31,589 songs on my iPod.
15. I have been to three US Presidential Libraries - JFK, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.
16. In 1984 I met and spoke to Franz Josef Strauss.
17. I once completely dried up doing an early morning Sky News paper review.
18. Frank Dobson once called me 'dear' when I was presenting Sunday Service on 5 Live.
19. I once appeared on 'Beat the Jock' on Radio 1 with Mike Read.
20. I own more than 120 Cliff Richard CDs, yet when I met him I was completely tongue tied.
21. I first drove a Combine Harvester at the age of 8 - unsupervised.
22. I was the first Briton to go to Beirut after the release of John McCarthy. It's a long story.
23. I was at university with Caroline Flint. And David Grossman, so he tells me. I once debated the issue of VAT on tampons with Miss Flint.
24. I am on my 12th Audi. The first was an Audi Quattro Coupe in 1989. D52 VJN.
25. Neil & Christine Hamilton once threatened to sue me.