Each new year I compile a list of people whose tweets I have most enjoyed during the previous 12 months. I follow about 2600 people on Twitter, which is far too many to be honest, but I whenever I try to cull the number I end up giving up because it’s so difficult. Anyway, these are the ones who have entertained, informed, educated, annoyed and, most of all, made me laugh most this year. It’s not meant to be a list of best Twitter feeds on the internet – it’s just the ones I particularly enjoy. I usually do a top 100 but I have found it impossible to cull to 100, so this year I’ve expanded the list to 150. I’ve also added 50 news feeds on Twitter which I follow.

If I follow you but you’re not on the list, don’t feel bad. There’s always next year! The fact that I follow you means I find you interesting! So, in no particular order…


@MrTCHarris – Former Labour MP, Telegraph columnist
@MatthewSyed – Times Journalist
@PickardJE – Jim Pickard, FT political journalist
@BenGlaze – Mirror political reporter
@AsaBenn – Brexit Commissioning Editor, The Telegraph
@ChrisDeerin – Journalist, Scottish Daily Mail
@ShippersUnbound – Political Editor, Sunday Times
@ZoesqWilliams – Columnist, the Guardian
@JohnRentoul – Columnist, Independent on Sunday
@Y_Alibhai – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The ‘I’ Newspaper
@GrantTucker – My former PA & Diary Reporter for The Times
@DavidWooding – Political Editor, Sun on Sunday
@SamCoatesTimes – Deputy Political Editor, The Times
@OwenJones84 – Guardian columnist
@DAaronovitch – Columnist – The Times
@LiamHalligan – Columnist, The Telegraph (NEW)
@PMDFoster – Europe Correspondent, The Telegraph (NEW)
@ChristopherHope – Chief Political Correspondent (NEW)
@DanBloom1 – Political reporter, The Mirror (NEW)
@MK1969 – Matt Kelly, Editor, The New European (NEW)
@Steve_Hawkes – Deputy Political Editor, The Sun (NEW)
@TNewtondunn – Political Editor, The Sun (NEW)
@MattChorley – Editor, Times Red Box (NEW)
@IainMartin1 – Times columnist & Editor, ReactionLife (NEW)
@MrHarryCole – Political Correspondent, The Sun (NEW)


@RobBurl – Rob Burley, Editor, Andrew Marr Show
@AFNeil – BBC presenter
@PiersMorgan – Presenter, GMB
@MichaelLCrick – Political Correspondent, Channel 4 News
@KayBurley – Sky News presenter
@BethRigby – Political Correspondent, Sky News
@Susannareid100 – Presenter, GMB
@AdamBoulton – Sky News presenter
@FaisalIslam – Political Editor, Sky News
@DMcCaffreySKY – Ireland correspondent, Sky News
@AlStewITN – Presenter, ITN
@AmolRajan – Media Editor, BBC (NEW)
@Jess Brammar – Acting Editor, Newsnight (NEW)
@Maitlis – Emily Maitlis, Presenter, Newsnight (NEW)
@SkyNewsNiall – Naill Paterson, Sky News (NEW)
@HattMarris84 – My ex producer on LBC, Producer, Newsnight
@BBCLauraK – BBC Political Editor
@EmmaBarnett – Radio & TV presenter


@StephenKB – Stephen Bush, New Statesman
@PaulWaugh – Editor, Huffington Post UK
@FleetStreetFox – Susie Boniface
@GuidoFawkes – Editor in Chief, Guido Fawkes blog
@Dizzy_Thinks – Phil Hendren
@Montie – Editor, Unherd.com
@OwenJBennett – HuffPo political correspondent
@MarkDiStef – Media & Politics reporter, Buzzfeed (NEW)
@Jack_Blanchard – Editor, Politico London Playbook (NEW)
@JimWaterson – Political Editor, Buzzfeed UK (NEW)
@DarrenGrimes_ – Deputy Editor, Brexit Central (NEW)
@Isaby – Jonathan Isaby, Brexit Central (NEW)


@JamesCleverly – Conservative MP (NEW)
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg – Conservative MP (NEW)
@BimAfolami – Conservative MP (NEW)
@Anna_Soubry – Conservative MP
@MichaelGove – Conservative MP
@ArronBanks – Chairman, Leave.eu
@HeidiAllen75 – Conservative MP
@JessPhillips – Labour MP
@Suzanne Evans1 – Deputy Chairman, UKIP
@LordAshcroft – Businessman & philanthropist
@Jacqui_Smith1 – Former Labour Home Secretary
@Andrew_Kennedy – Conservative Party Agent in Kent
@NadineDorriesMP – Conservative MP
@NichStarling – Former LibDem leader on Broadland District Council
@Edwina_Currie – Former Conservative MP
@ThereseCoffey – Conservative MP
@Tracey_Crouch – Conservative MP
@LiarPoliticians – Anti politics tweeter
@NSoames – Conservative MP (NEW)
@RuthDavidsonMSP – Leader, Scottish Conservatives
@CampbellClaret – Alastair Campbell
@CraigOliver100 – Former No 10 Head of Comms (NEW)
@AyeshaHazarika – Political commentator & Comedian (NEW)
@MattZarb – Former Head of Press for Jeremy Corbyn (NEW)
@NickTimothy – Former No 10 Chief of Staff (NEW)
@JReynoldsMP – Labour MP (NEW)
@NickdeBois – Former Conservative MP (NEW)
@Sarah_Hayward – Former Labour Leader, Camden Council (NEW)
@DavidMills73 – Former Labour SPAD & TV producer (NEW)

RADIO (32)

@TobyTarrant – Radio X presenter (NEW)
@Pipskin – Radio X producer, the Chris Moyles show (NEW)
@StephenNolan – 5 Live presenter
@ShelaghFogarty – LBC presenter
@JaneGarvey1 – Presenter, Woman’s Hour, Radio 4
@JuliaHB1 – Former afternoon presenter, LBC
@FiFiGlover – Listening Project, Radio 4
@RobinLustig – Former Presenter, The World Tonight, Radio 4
@StanCollymore – Radio host
@TheJeremyVine – Presenter, Radio 2
@NewsChambers – Richard Chambers, Newstalk, Dublin (NEW)
@NickyAACampbell – 5 Live presenter
@Tweeter_Anita – Presenter, Any Answers, Radio 4
@DuncanBarkes – Late show presenter, BBC London
@JohnMyersTeam – Radio guru
@DavidLloydRadio – Radio guru
@PaulEaston – Radio consultant
@IainLee – Radio presenter, talkRadio
@TheoUsherwood – Political Editor, LBC
@Jags_dave – Jagruti Dave, My Drivetime producer, LBC
@Vicky_Gardiner – Victoria Gardiner, My Drivetime producer, LBC
@EleanorWalshy – LBC producer
@JamesCridland – Radio commentator
@Matt – Matt Deegan, Radio guru (NEW)
@Sherls – Online editor, LBC
@B1Lou – Louise Birt, Managing Editor, BBC Radio Essex
@EdwardAdoo – BBC Radio presenter (NEW)
@ChrisGolds – LBC London News drivetime presenter (NEW)
@SimonMarksFSN – Head of Feature Story News, Washington (NEW)
@ChrisMasonBBC – Political Reporter, BBC (NEW)
@IanCollinsUK – LBC presenter (NEW)
@JamesRea – LBC Managing Editor (NEW)

SPORT (10)

@HenryWinter – Football journalist, The Times
@LeeClayton_ – Sports editor, Daily Mail
@ClareBalding – BBC & BT Sport presenter
@JimmyBullard – Ex footballer
@BoringMilner – Spoof James Milner account
@Trevor8Sinclair – Ex West Ham winger
@ArchieRT1 – German football journalist
@MyWHUFC – Nigel Kahn, West Ham fan
@WestHamFootball – Sean Whetstone, West Ham fan
@SamInkersoleTM – Football journalist, The Mirror


@TFLN – Texts from last night
@_YouHadOneJob1 – Comedy account poking fun at people who fail at the one job they had to do
@RoyCropperNot – Spoof Roy Cropper sayings
@AwkwardGrindr – Cringeworthy moments from Grindr
@2010LeeHurst – Comedian
@GeoffNorcott – Comedian (NEW)
@Maomentum_ – Momentum parody


@PaulwrBlanchard – PRconsultant & Presenter, Media Masters podcast
@Lance Forman – Purveyor of the finest smoked salmon
@WMaryBeard – Classics academic & author
@AdamLake – Public Affairs Specialist
@Brit_Battleaxe – Christine Hamilton
@JamesWharton – Author of OUT IN THE ARMY
@GylesB1 – Gyles Brandreth
@Bishmanchester – David Walker, Bishop of Manchester
@StirringTrouble – Aleksander Nekrassov
@MarkFoxNews – Mark Fox, BSA (NEW)
@LouisXMichael – From Gogglebox (NEW)
@TheGayChrist (NEW)
@AlistairGriffin – Singer/Songwriter
@Martinradio – LBC listener
@Amazing Nature – Nature is Amazing
@Reporterboy – Giles Dilnot


@PA – Press Association
@LBC – LBC Radio
@LBC Breaking – Breaking news from LBC
@ParlyApp – News from Parliament


@CNNI – CNN International
@AJEnglish – Al Jazeera English
@Tagesschau – ARD News (Germany)
@ABCNews – ABC Australia
@SMH – Sydney Morning Herald
@NewstalkFM – Dublin
@NewstalkZB – New Zealand