This is one of ten video collections of party politcal broadcasts since 1951. The full collection includes separate pages of Conservative, Labour, Liberal/SDP/LibDem, UKIP, Green, Minor Party, Vintage and Spoof PPBs/PEBs. They are all listed on THIS page.
If you now on PPBs or PEBs on Youtube that I have not listed, please leave a comment or contact me via the button above.
19 May 1955 with John Arlott, Frank B
Conservative - 1979 Crisis, What Crisis?

SDP 1986 - John Cleese on PR

Labour 1987 'Kinnock - The Movie'

Green Party - 1989 European Elections

Conservative 1992 'Labour's Tax Bombshell'.

Natural Law Party (1994 European Elections)

1996 Conservative Party, 'New Labour, New Danger'

Labour 1997 - Molly Dineen film on Tony Blair

Green Party 2015 - Party Political Harmony

Green Party 2016 - Five Year Old Politicians


Plus a Bonus - Top Ten PEBS of the 2015 Election Campaign