1. Iain, please add me to your LinkedIn Network No, because I don't know you
  2. Iain, you're better than that I'm really not
  3. And joining Iain Dale are Grace Blakeley and Nihal Arthanayake Go figure
  4. So... Why does everyone start their answer with 'so'. yes, I'm looking at you, Ash Sarkar
  5. And now on Today, it's time for the puzzle. No one likes it. No one cares.
  6. And now on Radio 4 it's time for Thought for the Day. See above. it. Is. Not. News.
  7. I make absolutely no apology for... You probably should, though.
  8. I'm not racist but... You probably are, actually.
  9. Greta Thunberg says... Do I need to explain?
  10. And now on Five Live, the Five Live News with Five Live's [insert name]. Yes, we tuned into Five Live. We know what we're listening to. We don't need reminding every 30 seconds.