A couple of broadcast things I've been involved in which I thought you might like to see/listen to.

Last week I recorded an edition of The Spectator's Table Talk food and drink podcast. It's available on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from, but here it is on Audioboom too. Lara Prendergast and Livvy Phillips talk to me about my life through food and drink. Or rather, the food and drink I don't like. Apparently I was the fussiest eater to appear on their podcast, but I do also talk about the food and drinks that I do like (chicken fajitas, German schnitzels, and Lilt) as well as about what it was like to grow up on a farm, being food poisoned in Russia, and why I buy crisps from eBay. Yes, really.

Also released today is a show I recorded with Chloe Westley about issues on which I have changed my mind. I can't quite remember everything we discussed but I am sure you'll enjoy it!