I've just been flicking through my blogposts for December 2006 and came across THIS one where I made my predictions for 2007. I was astonished to find that I had got 7 out of 10 (virtually) bang on the money!

1. More than one person will face charges in the Cash for Peerages Inquiry WRONG
2. Sir Ming Campbell will not be leader of the LibDems by the end of the year RIGHT
3. Ed Vaizey, Jeremy Hunt and Nick Herbert will be promoted to the Shadow Cabinet RIGHT (apart from Ed)
4. The Conservative Party 'A' List will be junked, having served its purpose RIGHT
5. The SNP become the largest Party in Scotland after the May elections but cannot form a coalition RIGHT
6. A Labour MP and a LibDem MP defect to the Conservatives WRONG
7. John Hutton challenges Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership after John Reid wimps out WRONG
8. In one of his first acts as PM Brown announces timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq RIGHT
9. Depending on the opinion poll bounce from that decision and his honeymoon period, Brown will consider calling a General Election within six months of becoming Prime Minister RIGHT
10. West Ham will not get relegated RIGHT

I suppose you could deduct half a point for getting Ed Vaizey wrong if you want to be churlish. I will publish my predictions for 2008 next week.