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Counterfactual: Ed Miliband Refuses to Debate with Cameron in Election Campaign

  • 5 Mar 2015

It has just been reported by the BBC that Ed Miliband has refused to take part in any election debates with the Prime Minister during the election campaign. The Leader of the Opposition said that in 2010 the election debates had sucked the life out of the campaign and that ...

Will the Broadcasters Blink?

  • 5 Mar 2015

Frit. Coward. Hypocrite. Just three of the words being thrown at the Prime Minister over his refusal to debate head to head with the Leader of the Opposition. He’s offered to take part in a single, eight-way, debate but only if it takes place before the election campaign start...

Why the Public & Private Sectors Can And Must Work Together in Healthcare

  • 21 Feb 2015

THE private versus public sector debate has bedevilled health policy for some time. It lies at the very core of the failure of politicians to provide the leadership the NHS needs. The ‘public good, private bad’ mindset which is held by many politicians on the left is equally m...

Those Election Predictions Summed Up

  • 27 Jan 2015

LBC have posted a mini version of all my election predictions HERE

Surely QE in the Eurozone Is BAD News for the UK Economy, Not Good? Eh, Chancellor?

  • 22 Jan 2015

So the European Central Bank has injected one trillion euros into the Eurozone economies, despite the articles of the Eurozone expressly forbidding it. I imagine this was at the insistence of the Germans originally. Needless to say the ECB has found a way around this, as is th...

General Election Predictions: The Final Results - We're Heading For a Three Party Coalition or a Second Election

  • 18 Jan 2015

This is the final result of my seat by seat predictions, which I have been posting on here over the last month… Conservative 278 (-29) Labour 301 (43) Liberal Democrats 24 (-33) SNP 18 (12) UKIP 5 (5) Plaid Cymru 3 (-) Green 1 (-) Respect 1 (-) DUP 9 (1) Sinn Fein 5 (-) SD...

Tory Spin & Sophistry on the Deficit Fools No One

  • 2 Jan 2015

Can someone tell me when the deficit reached £192 billion? Thought not. When the coalition came to power the deficit was £158 billion. It’s now around £98 billion. Now by any normal person’s maths that equates to cutting the deficit by just over one third, not a half. No nor...

Cost of Living Crisis? What Cost of Living Crisis?

  • 2 Jan 2015

Last January the average price of petrol was £1.31 a litre. Today it is around £1.10 a litre, so the consumer is saving around 20p a litre, a saving of £12 every time you fill up your tank. Assuming most people do an average mileage of 12,000 miles a year, they will fill their...

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Sykes to Cease Funding UKIP

  • 12 Dec 2014

I understand that millionaire UKIP donor Paul Sykes has ceased his funding of the party. A source close to the Yorkshire based businessman says that Mr Sykes doesn’t feel it right that the so-called “people’s party” is funded by a couple of millionaires. Mr Sykes paid for UKI...

Attitude Column: In Praise Of Lynne Featherstone

  • 18 Nov 2014

Some time ago I got a phone call from the Liberal Democrat MP & International Development Minister, Lynne Featherstone. Would I be the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner she was organising. ‘What’s it for?’ I asked. ‘My re-election campaign war chest’, she replied. Gulp...