Each new year I do a list of people whose tweets I have most enjoyed during the previous 12 months. I follow about 1600 people on Twitter but these are the ones who have entertained, informed, educated, annoyed and, most of all, made me laugh most this year. So here are my Top 100, including 18 new entries, in no particular order…


@ChrisDeerin – Journalist, Scottish Daily Mail
@ShippersUnbound – Deputy political editor, Daily Mail
@PaulWaugh – Editor, PoliticsHome
@DAaronovitch – Columnist – The Times
@ZoesqWilliams – Columnist, the Guardian
@MrMatthewTodd – Editor, Attitude magazine
@TimMontgomerie – Comment editor, The Times
@NeilWallis1 – Media commentator
@MehdiRHasan – Political Director, Huffington Post
@GraemeArcher – Columnist, ConservativeHome
@IanBirrell – Columnist, Independent, Daily Mail & Evening Standard
@JohnRentoul – Columnist, Independent on Sunday
@Gallaghereditor – Tony Gallagher, Deputy Editor, Daily Mail
@VinceGraff – Columnist
@Timothy_Stanley – Telegraph columnist (NEW)
@Y_Alibhai – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (NEW)


@AFNeil – BBC presenter
@PiersMorgan – Presenter, CNN
@ReporterBoy – (Giles Dilnot), Reporter, Daily Politics
@MichaelLCrick – Political Correspondent, Channel 4 News
@KayBurley – Sky News presenter
@AdamBoulton – Presenter, Sky News
@FaisalIslam – Political Editor, Sky News (NEW)
@IanKatz100 – Editor, Newsnight
@DMcCaffreySKY – Political reporter, Sky News
@SimonMcCoy – Presenter, BBC News Channel
@AlStewITN – Presenter, ITN


@FleetStreetFox – Susie Boniface
@MrHarryCole – Editor, Guido Fawkes blog
@GuidoFawkes – Editor in Chief, Guido Fawkes blog
@PaddyBriggs – Sports & politics blogger
@Nero – Milo Yiannopolous (NEW)


@LordAshcroft – Businessman & philanthropist
@Jacqui_Smith1 – Former Labour Home Secretary
@Andrew_Kennedy – Conservative Party Agent in Kent
@JohnMcTernan – Former Political Director for Tony Blair
@NadineDorriesMP – Conservative MP
@NichStarling – Former LibDem leader on Broadland District Council
@Edwina_Currie – Former Conservative MP
@ThereseCoffey – Conservative MP
@Sarah_Hayward – Labour leader of Camden Council
@StewartWood – Labour peer
@Tony_McNulty – Former Labour MP
@Tracey_Crouch – Conservative MP
@EI Jake – Jake Morrison, Liverpool City Councillor
@JerryHayes1 – Former Conservative MP
@ThatchersRise – Real time account of Thatcher’s rise to the Tory leadership (NEW)
@LiarPoliticians – Anti politics tweeter (NEW)
@StirringTrouble – Alexander Nekrassov (NEW)


@HattMarris84 – My producer on LBC
@StephenNolan – 5 Live presenter
@RichardPBacon – Former 5 Live presenter
@ShelaghFogarty – LBC presenter
@TheJamesMax – BBC London presenter
@JaneGarvey1 – Presenter, Woman’s Hour, Radio 4
@JuliaHB1 – Former afternoon presenter, LBC
@SuttonNick – Editor, World at One, Radio 4
@Rachel_Hump – Producer, LBC
@RobinLustig – Former Presenter, The World Tonight, Radio 4
@StanCollymore – TalkSport radio host
@CarolineFeraday – Former BBC London presenter
@TheJeremyVine – Presenter, Radio 2
@MrJamesOB – Morning show presenter, LBC
@Corrie_corfield – Radio 4 announcer
@NickyAACampbell – 5 Live presenter
@Tweeter_Anita – Presenter, Any Answers, Radio 4
@DuncanBarkes – Late show presenter, LBC 97.3
@BroadcastMoose – Ian Abrahams, Talksport presenter
@FiFiGlover – Radio 4 presenter
@JohnMyersTeam – Chairman, Radio Academy
@DavidLloydRadio – David Lloyd, Orion Radio
@HorneyMedia – Tony Horne, Radio presenter
@PaulEaston – Radio consultant
@CarolynQuinnCQ – Presenter, Westminster Hour, Radio 4
@IainLee – BBC Three Counties Breakfast Presenter (NEW)
@AccidentalP – Accidental Partridge (NEW)
@Grvlx001 – Jamie Angus, editor of Today (NEW)


@Dean36Ashton10 – Former Norwich City & West Ham footballer
@Joey7Barton – QPR footballer
@CarltonCole1 – West Ham footballer
@HenryWinter – Football journalist, Daily Telegraph
@BobBallardSport – Radio sports journalist
@LeeClayton_ – Sports editor, Daily Mail
@NotBigSam – Sam Allardyce spoof account
@DavidGold – Co chairman of West Ham United
@ClareBalding – BBC & BT Sport presenter
@JimmyBullard – Ex footballer (NEW)
@BoringMilner – Spoof James Milner account (NEW)


@WMaryBeard – Classics academic & author
@Alistairgriffin – Singer, songwriter
@AdamLake – Public Affairs Specialist
@Brit_Battleaxe – Christine Hamilton
@JamesWharton – Former Soldier & author of OUT IN THE ARMY
@JoshuJPE – Politically tuned funny guy
@MarkFoxNews – CEO, Business Services Association
@SallyHitchiner – Vicar
@GrantTucker – My former PA!
@GylesB1 – Gyles Brandreth (NEW)
@Modawah – Spoof Mo Ansar account (NEW)
@AwkwardGrindr – Cringeworthy moments from Grindr (NEW)