"There's no Place for Tories in Black Activism" Says Black Academic

  • 5 Mar 2019

Last night on our Monday Night Panel on LBC, we discussed the state of race relations in this country. It was overall a really interesting hour long discussion with Trevor Phillips, Anjum Peerbacos and Dr Kehinde Andrews.  There was, however, one exchange which left a nasty...

Should We Feel Guilty Listening to Michael Jackson Songs?

  • 3 Mar 2019

Two weeks ago, the Vatican held a much heralded conference on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The Pope said some condemnatory words, it featured a lot on TV news bulletins, a communique was issued and two days later all the cardinals went home. PR job done. What is singul...

The 1964 General Election Campaign Video Collection

  • 2 Mar 2019

  Campaign speech by George Brown Quintin Hogg on Labour Conservative PEBs 1964 - Conservative (5 October 1964) 1964 - Conservative (9 October 1964) 1964- Conservative (13 October 1964)   Labour Party PEBs ...

The 1979 General Election Campaign Video Collection

  • 1 Mar 2019

  Conservative PPB - January 1979 Denis Healey Confronts Trade Union Leaders - 18 January 1979 Jim Callaghan's 'Crisis, What Crisis' Press Conference TV Eye interview with James Callaghan - 9 February 1979 Tonight on the No Confidence Vote - 28 M...

Interview with the 'Brexit Comic'

  • 1 Mar 2019

Here's a somewhat bizarre interview I did with The Brexit Comic for their latest issue. Er, enjoy...   Will we be leaving the EU this year? If I knew the answer to that question, I could make a lot of money. My gut feeling is that the government is going to have to in...

Seven People I'd Love Never to Hear From Again

  • 1 Mar 2019

There are some people who just annoy the hell out of us. Often for no apparent reason, but often because they are incredibly irritating, supercilious, arrogant and sometimes just not very nice. I'm sure I'd figure in some other people's lists of this nature - in fact, judging ...

The Quiet Rise of Andrea Leadsom

  • 28 Feb 2019

Back in June and early July 2016 there seemed to be a real possibility that Andrea Leadsom could succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. She reached the run-off against Theresa May, having scored 83 in the first round of voting among Conse...

Alberto Costa Should Be Given His PPS Job Back

  • 27 Feb 2019

I've spent most of the afternoon in Parliament catching up with a few people but not, of course indulging in any sort of gossip whatsover. You know me... While I was there I found out that Alberto Costa had been sacked as a government PPS. 'That can't be right,' I thought. ...

How Labour's 'People's Vote' Decision Was Made

  • 26 Feb 2019

Imagine the scenes in the Opposition Leader's office yesterday morning... I have... JC: "Christ Seumas, this PLP meeting tonight is going to be pretty awful. They're going to monster me about the Zionists." SM: "I always think in these circumstances about what Stalin wou...

The 1966 General Election Campaign Video Collection

  • 24 Feb 2019

Ted Heath campaigning Jo Grimond campaigning The election in Stockport Hecklers Heckling documentary Election night in Hull Pathe Election Night BBC Election Night Coverage